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I am Zorbasgifts also known as Kristi Price

Here @Zorbasgifts everything created is handmade from the heart. The jewelry business I started 10 years ago after the death of my Mother and GrandMother with in 9 months of each other.  The jewelry making was a part of my healing process. God Turned My Mourning Into Dance 💃🏿 Then I realized I have so much more to give. I now celebrate my Mom and Grandma.  I am living off of there prayers 🙏. With the GRACE AND MERCY FROM MY GOD. There are also some Hidden Figures out there who have walked me threw some very dark places.  I just want to say THANK YOU 😘❤️.  You have to have some Gut Punchers in your life.  Thank you Jesus for never leaving me or forsaking me. There will no longer be limits on what I can do.  My faith in God and his promises to me I WILL NO LONGER LIVE BY OTHER PEOPLES LIMITS OF WHAT TO DO IN MY LIFE.  Will I stumble and fall? YES!  Still I will rise.